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 We also do custom work on any vehicle before and after on a .
Another view with hotrod on back.

Subaru Outback got side swiped as you can see in the before picture and looks like new in the after picture.

We also work on semis this Volvo hit a truck and tore off the fender in the before picture and its ready for the road in the after picture.

Had to do the some major fiberglass repair on wheel well on this motor home.

We also do glass replacement on all vehicles.

This before picture shows a 2009 Porsche Cayman that hit a guard rail on the freeway and tore holes in the door and rear quarter panel.

About two week and almost $11,000 later she is ready for the open road in this after picture.

This before picture shows a 2013 Prius hit another car from behind and did extensive damage to the passenger front of the car.

In this after pic it took about two weeks and almost $10,000 to get this car road worthy again.

In this before picture a 2007 Honda Odyssey got t-boned and has major damage inside and out.

It took about three weeks and almost $15,000 to put this car back to the way it was before the accident as you can see in this after picture she looks good as new.

This 2009 Hyundai elantra rear ended a truck and has major damage to the hood and right fender area of the car as you can see in the before picture.

This after picture shows that we fixed it to show room quality and it only took about 1 and 1/2 weeks and almost $9,000.

Toyota Landcruiser before and after notice rust below drivers door and on bumper in before Photo's.

We do excellent work on hot rods. Before and After on.Corvette

Miscellaneous Hot Rods we have done meticulous work on.






Added Sport Aero kit, hood, front air dam, rear spoiler. 


Sand Rail

Jeep Unlimited

Rubicon Jeep

Golf Cart Good Times

Wagon Train